Characteristics to Look for When Buying a Quality Diamond Jewelry

Quality Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the girls is the idiom, yet the fact remains that not many folks who when buying the diamonds understand every last factor that goes with pricing the diamond. If you don’t understand these factors, you can end up buying a lower esteem diamond at a higher cost than it is worth. It is thus important to get some knowledge about the diamond characteristics that affect the value and furthermore what to look for when buying diamond jewelry.

The below four main characteristics that are imperative to search for are carat, cut, clarity and color of the diamond.

The Carat Carat is the way the diamonds are measured, and one carat is equivalent to the one-fifth of a gram. The higher the carat number, the more value the diamond has and vice versa.

The Color The color of the diamond is considered to be colorless. However, that is typically not the case. In fact, there is a considerable measure of diamonds that are not colorless and can have a yellowish tint. Also, some are even pink or red or blue.

There is a grade from D to Z which characterizes the color of the diamond, and the G is the colorless while the Z is the most with almost nearing yellow color. Needless to state the D will be the most expensive.

The Clarity Clarity of the diamond is the thing that makes it to sparkle, and there are blemishes and inclusions on the diamonds which causes it to be impure. The blemishes are outside scratches and marks while the inclusions are internal impurities.

The cut The cut is the thing that the most of the diamond cutting industry is about. The diamonds are sliced to enhance its brilliance, and the cuts are made such that the diamond reflects light and thus it shines. The cut can be a well cut, deep cut or a shallow cut.

The Diamond Certificate A diamond certificate is a certificate that displays all the characteristics of the diamond in list form. It’s essential that when you get to a diamond jewelry shop, you request for the certificate so that you can reliably know the quality of jewelry you are about to buy.

With the above diamond jewelry tips and following them keenly, you will be guaranteed of buying that diamond jewelry that you deserve; the highest quality possible and that which is worth the money you purpose to spend. Brilliant Earth is a reputable company that can help you get the best you always wanted.